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Under 21

Under 21

Passengers between the age 12 to 22 can book from one day prior to the day of departure.

The feature of Under 21

Reservation Period Reservation Changes Limited seats
Departure day
Valid Period Availability
Reserved Flight Only Aged 12 to 21
Reservation Period
Available from 7:00am one day prior to the departure until the departure date. *1
Reservation Changes

Not available

Automatic check-in machines


  • *Passenger must present official identification card*2 to our staff.
Refund Charge
A refund charge of JPY 500 per route per passenger will be applied, regardless of the cancellation date.
Cancellation Charge
(Per route per person)
For cancellations after the purchase of tickets until the scheduled departure time of the flight For cancellations after the scheduled departure time of the flight
JPY5,000- Not refundable*3
Effective refundable period
Refundable only within 10 days from the next day of booked flight.
  • *1The time above is our online sale start time, reservation by telephone is accepted from 8:00am through our Reservation Center. In addition, reservations at the airport counter or travel agency are accepted during their hours of operations.
  • *2Driver's license, passport, health insurance card or student identification card etc.
  • *3Domestic Passenger Facility Charges will be refunded.

In the case of booking from the internet, the seat availability will be subject to change until the booking is complete. Therefore, if you receive "This flight is full." message after submitting online reservation, this means your reservation could not be completed.

  • *We are unable to offer a refund in case you stop off after check in.