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In-flight menu and free services

In-flight menu and free services

Skymark sells local gifts from your place of departure, as well as a variety of drinks, sweets, and snacks.(All list price is tax-inclusive price.)



Skymark Airlines Inc. have partnered with Nestle Japan to provide all customers with NESCAFE and a KitKat under the promise of "‘a heartfelt service' even though it is a short flight."

Nestle KITKAT mini
(Skymark original package)

The best balance of crispy wafer and chocolate! Provided in Skymark original packaging.

※Allergens: milk, wheat, soy

This product is made in a factory that handles almonds and other nuts.

NESCAFE GOLDBLEND is REGULAR SOLUBLE COFFEE that has freshly brewed sophisticated aroma and authentic coffee taste; it is made by HIKIMAME TSUTSUMIR seiho which is the process that wrapping the finely grinded roasting beans (the most proper coffee beans and blend by NESCAFE exclusive know-how) into extracting coffee powder(NESCAFE exclusive technology and process)
NESCAFE GOLDBLEND Rich&Body is REGULAR SOLUBLE COFFEE that maintains freshly brewed sophisticated aroma of NESCAFE GOLDBLEND and can be enjoyed with rich and intense coffee taste.
NESTLE Aromatic & mellow MILKCOCOA
Hot Cocoa – Enjoy the rich aroma of cacao with sweet milky taste.

※Allergens: Dairy/Milk
NESTLE Aromatic & mellow HOJI-CHA LATTE
Hojicha (roasted green tea) – Enjoy the perfect harmony of roasty tea aroma with mild milky taste and subtle sweetness.

※Allergens: Dairy/Milk
NESTLE Aromatic & mellow MILKTEA
Tea with milk – enjoy the rich tea aroma with milky and tender sweetness.

※Allergens: Dairy/Milk

*Routes offering NESCAFE GOLDBLEND (Free of Charge)

Haneda-Sapporo(New Chitose), Haneda-Fukuoka, Haneda-Kagoshima, Haneda-Naha, Haneda-Miyako(Shimojishima), Ibaraki-Fukuoka, Ibaraki-Naha, Nagoya(Chubu)-Sapporo(New Chitose),Nagoya(Chubu)-Naha, Kobe-Sapporo(New Chitose), Kobe-Sendai, Kobe-Naha, Kobe-Miyako(Shimojishima), Fukuoka-Sapporo(New Chitose), Fukuoka-Naha

Recommendations from place of departure

We sell a selection of local products on all Skymark routes in order to support our service locations.
Be sure to take a look at what is on offer.

Recommendation for Amamioshima taste

Brown Sugar Caramel covered Peanuts \100

This product contains Peanut.

Recommendation for Kagoshima taste

Natural Mineral water Skymark own brand \100
Natural water from "Kirishima", mythology land in Kagoshima. The bottle is wrapped with the snow peak of Kirishima "Takachiho Peak" and rising Skymark aircraft.

Recommendation for Hokkaido taste

Salami "Gran Tokachi" \300
Salami made in Tokachi, Hokkaido, smelled with a solid meat texture and freshly ground spices. You can enjoy 60g plenty of volume with friends and family.



Product Name Natural Mineral water Skymark own brand(300 ml)
Price \100
Product Name Oi Ocha (Japanese Green Tea)(280ml)
Price \100
Product Name Coca-Cola(300ml)
Price \100
Product Name Apple Juice(200ml)
Price \100


Product Name

Awaji Onion Soup

Price \100

※contains: Wheat, Soy beans, Chicken, Pork, Milk


Product Name

Brown Sugar Caramel covered Peanuts

Price \100

※contains: Peanut

Product Name JAGARICO Fried Potato Stick
Price \100

※contains: Milk, Soy

Product Name Salami "Gran Tokachi"
Price \300

※contains: Beef, Soy, Pork

SKYMARK Branded Items

Product Name SKYMARK Keyring light
Price \500

Free Services

Product Name Candy
Product Name Blanket
Product Name Wet towel
  • *Alcohol can not be sold to minors. (under 20 years old)
  • *The law forbids drinking by minors.
  • *Above items may be sold out.
  • *Due to flight condition, flight-In sales may be interrupted without notice.
  • *This service may be terminated or changed without prior notice.
  • *All prices include tax.
  • *We only accept payment in cash. (Japanese Yen)
  • *We do not prepare enough change.
  • *The product selection may be changed without notice.
  • *Please inform flight attendant if you have any food allergy.